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Hi there! I am the CTO at HalalBooking which is a UK based technology company where we build world's leading online search & booking website for halal-conscious holiday makers. Before HalalBooking, I have been the CTO at OneDome. So far this journey has taught me a decent amount of heuristics and an arsenal of analytical tools. Most importantly, it has shaped a certain sense of measure, an intuition that makes you feel good when you think about the right choice and that causes a caution when you are about to slip up.

Previously I have also worked at Palantir. And before that I was the technical co-founder of a small startup. Prior to that I obtained an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Applied Mathematics from Baku State University.

Naive Bias is where I share my learnings about software design, engineering leadership, team culture and technical strategy. As the name of this website suggests, you should expect my writing here to be subjective. Other than its literal meaning, "naive bias" is an allusion to my favourite probabilistic classifier. I like it for its naiveness.

You can also follow me on X, where I post and retweet about broader topics including the technologies that I work with, the products that I like using and the ideas that I find inspiring.

If you need to get in touch with me, here's my email: turan@rustam.li

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